Sunday, July 11, 2010

Day 5, Sisters to Sisters

Nothing but blue skies.

This was easily the most beautiful and scenic part of the run, and it was beautiful the whole way.  It was exceptionally clear today.  I could see the three peaks of Sisters almost the whole way, and it was really cool to watch them get closer and closer.  I had a similar feeling running from Portland to The Dalles last summer, how cool it is to run far enough to run from one ecosystem to another.  I started out surrounded by sage brush and ended up surrounded in pines.  The one constant that I haven't talked about yet was the bugs!  I can tell they changed because the bites changed but they were everywhere and always there, and the bites are everywhere!

I felt good running today, and at a much faster pace than earlier days.  I even pushed the last hill really hard and my legs were burning by the top.  That's when I was informed that our mapping of gravel roads from Terrebonne to Cloverdale were off by a bit and I had a mile further to go than I thought.  I laughed thinking how I would have felt about that had I decided to try and run the remainder yesterday.  Today ended up at 17 miles making the entire journey a 132 miles.

The peaks of Sisters in my sights.

I'm finished, I feel good about the completion, but I'm a little disappointed that I didn't make it in four days as plannedI've given a lot of thought to what went wrong on Friday and what I could have done differently, but I'll save that for tomorrow, today I'm just happy to be done and home.  Thanks to everybody that emailed and texted words of support and encouragement, and there is absolutely no way I could have even considered this without Jeanne helping mile after mile.

You may not get the joke but, some people call me Maurice.


  1. Well done! Very very impressive....
    ; )

  2. A BIG congratulations to you Chris!!!

    Count me in for next year!