Friday, July 9, 2010

Day 3, Sisters to Sisters

 I was in pretty good spirits at the start.

There won't be too many pictures, and I'll try and keep the descriptions of today's events semi discreet.  I had 2 miles of down hill left of the descent into Cow Canyon and felt pretty good early.  The down hill was a little fools gold I think but I ran pretty well to the 6 mile point and the base of the first hill of the day.  Just about everything started going wrong at that point, and it never got better.  I had no energy in my legs for the first hill and felt horrible.  The plan was to eat at mile 8 at the top of the hill and I had half a P n J.  I threw it and everything else up before mile 9.  I tried drinking some Infinit which I've never had any stomach issues with and promptly threw it up too.  By mile 11 I knew I didn't have enough electrolytes or calories in me and took an S Cap, electrolyte pill, and continued drinking water.  I tried to drink as much water as I could but I was very weak.  At mile 14, my hands and fingers were starting to swell and I hadn't peed all day.  I've heard of this happening to runners but had never experienced it before.  I tried laying down in the back of the car for a little while and tried eating a little more but nothing seemed to help.

Freshly dead.

I had to stop at 21 miles.  I was starting to weave on the side of the highway and was going so slow I wasn't making much progress anyway.  I'm not sure what this means for the rest of the journey.  I realized that I'm eating about the same as last year and trying to run 50% further.  I also am having a difficult time adjusting to the heat.  I can do something about the calories, yesterday took a lot out of me and I didn't have much of an appetite last night and didn't eat enough.  I've eaten much better this evening.  Tomorrow is supposed  to be a few degrees cooler.  I have 44 miles left.  I'm committed to taking care of myself as best I can and starting tomorrow, we'll see what happens from there.


  1. Sorry to hear you had a bad day, but I'm really happy that you're taking care of yourself. I hope tomorrow is much better!

  2. Chris,

    When I read this post I really felt bad for you. Knowing that it was SO incredibly hot and that there was no shade to be found only made it worse.

    I must admit I considered trying to find Jeanne's cell phone number and plead with you to call it quits. But after more consideration, I figured you must have rebounded a bit since you were able to write such a detailed account of what happened to you today and that with a night of proper hydration and food, you'd make it through.

    Nice work!!