Thursday, July 7, 2016

Once Around the World: The Plan

13 years ago, I started a love affair with running.  In the interest of accuracy, I didn’t really love it at first. But I was getting worse, every year, at all of the sports that I did love and running seemed like something I could get better at for a while.

In August, I will have run 24,901 miles since I started keeping track of my running miles.  24,901 miles is the circumference of the earth at the equator, so I will have run Once Around the World.  To commemorate this accomplishment, I’m doing a journey run that will start at the Golden Gate Bridge on July 29th and finish 270 miles later in San Luis Obispo, CA.
French Hospital as close to 1963 as I could find.

I was born in San Luis Obispo, California in 1963 at French Hospital.  The hospital was originally the San Luis Sanitarium, foreshadowing be damned.  1160 Marsh Street was the address of French Hospital and that seems an appropriate place to finish mile 24,901.

The days will roughly breakdown like this:

Day 1.  Golden Gate Bridge to Pacifica, 18 miles.  I’ll start around noon and use this day as a warm up day.  After this, each day will be between 35 and 38 miles per day.
Day 2.  Pacifica to Pigeon Point Hostel.
Day 3.  Pigeon Point to Santa Cruz.
Day 4.  Santa Cruz to Monterey
Day 5.  Monterey to Big Sur.
Day 6.  Big Sur to Gorda
Day 7.  Gorda to Harmony
Day 8.  Harmony to San Luis Obispo

I’ve decided to post daily updates to FB, but save a blog posting for when I am done.
I’ve done a pretty thorough job of figuring out routes through towns, but if anybody with any local knowledge would like to share, I’m all ears.  Also, if anybody living along the way would like to run part of it with me, let me know and we’ll see if we can coordinate it.


  1. Good luck on your adventure and congrats on running around the world!!!

  2. Good job on day 2! It was good meeting you this morning in Pacifica and running with you to Half Moon Bay.