Wednesday, August 13, 2014

My Crew, My Wife

She has seen me run on days when my very fastest seemed effortless, and she has checked me in to the hospital when it wasn’t so effortless.  She has seen me fit, tan and drenched in sweat and sunlight and she has seen me shit my shorts.  She has implored me to keep going when all I wanted to do was quit and she has, on rare occasions, insisted that I quit when I was too stupid to make that decision myself.

There are times I’ve come around a corner or into an aid station sooner than expected, and there are times it’s been much later.  I know the experience inside her heart and head at those two times are very different, but the expression on her face and her demeanor is always the same.  “You’re doing great, here’s your bottle, take some food, I love you”.

The other night I asked, “Am I really as much of a challenge to you as people think?”  She smiled and said, “No honey, you’ve got a lot of people fooled”.

I love you Jeanne Owens.

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