Monday, November 19, 2012

Dawn til Dusk 2 (the plan)

In 2009 I ran Dawn til Dusk 1.  I called it that with every intention of there being more Dawn til Dusks. 

Well, here comes Dawn to Dusk 2, with a few modifications.  I can’t do it on the exact day of the Winter Solstice.  If I could, I was going to subtitle it The Mayan 45 Or ‘til the End of the World, Whichever Comes First.  Ok, It’s a little long as titles go, but it would have made for interesting strategy trying to get the 45 miles in before the world ends.  As it is, I’ll have 8:47:44 to complete this years 45 mile course, which will happen on December 15th, 2012.  That’s a minute and 16 seconds more than I would have had on the solstice, assuming the world didn’t end first, of course.

The view from mile 27 ish

The 2009 course started in Corvallis and ended on the 45th parallel in Keizer, Oregon.  This years course will start in Dallas (yes, Oregon) and serpentine through wine country before finishing in Keizer.  In total, I’ll cross the 45th parallel 5 times, with some sort of celebration at each crossing. The official start will be 7:44 AM and if I don’t make it to Keizer by 4:31 PM it will be an official  DNF.  Finishing early just means an early beer and burger.  

The course map is here. If you’re interested in running all or parts of Dawn til Dusk 2, let me know, we’ll figure it out.

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