Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Travelling Through Bad

Sometimes you have to travel through bad to get to good.  My very abbreviated journey through a bad running life patch, ends up working out like a bad patch in the middle of a run or race.  It seems to start with a kernel of belief that it you will get through it, even if you don’t know how or when.

After a fun run to the Baskett Butte on Thursday and a scouting run over parts of an upcoming local 5k course on Friday, I was ready for a long run on Saturday.  I parked 5 miles from where friends would be starting at 8:00 AM.I left myself 42 minutes to cover the 5, though I know they never start on time.  I ran at a very comfortable pace and came in at 8:02, feeling really good.  I haven’t run with a group in a long time, and the 10 miles with friends went by very fast.  The 5 miles back to my car was into the wind and I was feeling a little fatigued but still felt really good.

Good enough, in fact, to notice evidence of how illiterate we’ve become.
I live near here?

See, you really do have to travel through bad to get to good, some times.  I finished at the old Eola Inn, now a Rockin’ Rogers, still with a lovely view of the dump, unless you aim the camera correctly.
The Willamette, still very high.
This week is back to a schedule, with a slightly improved frame of mind.

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