Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Western States with Training Wheels

We’re heading out on Thursday for a training run weekend on the Western States Trail.  I’ll be able to run the last 72 miles of the course, broken up over three days.  32 on Saturday and then 20 on Sunday and Monday.  They have over 100 people signed up to do this so far, which is cool, since it will feel race ish, but I’m planning on taking it real easy.  I’ll be able to run the part of the course that will run at night in the daytime, which seems like a good thing right now, we’ll see if I still feel that way after seeing it!

I’m taking a few clothing and shoe options, wow, that sounds like I should have purses for the ensemble.  Normal aide stations will be in place, so I should also get a good feel for distance between stations and where drop bags should be and what should be in them.

Jeanne will also be able to figure out which aide stations she can get to in time.  I realize some people do races like this with no crew at all, but a lot of planning needs to go into a crew of one.

I’ve decide to delay the decision on whether to use a pacer at least until after this weekend.  It would be nice to have someone that knows the course with me in the dark.  But I tend to lose concentration on where I put my feet when I have someone to talk to.  Sure, there are other factors like motivation etc, but not getting lost and not running off a cliff or stepping on rolling objects are bigger concerns in my mind right now.

It just occurred to me that I should find cool places to eat down there...........

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