Friday, October 22, 2010

Raised from the dead

I've been fine.  I realized, in the week following Lean Horse, that I had a ton of base miles in my legs that didn't get used up.  So,  I picked a marathon 8 weeks out. I've been putting in a lot of speed and tempo runs.  And so, at the risk of jinxing myself, I'm in pretty good form to take a shot at a Boston Qualifying time on October 31 at the Tri Cities Marathon in Richland, WA. 

2011 Boston Marathon sold out in 8 hours when registration opened this week, so if I do run under 3:30, I'll be qualifying for 2012.

I've made a few other conditional decisions.  I'm going to enter the Western States Lottery next month.  My qualifying time is still good.  If I get in, I'll assume this is the universe guiding me.  If I don't, I'll figure some other things out.  Regardless, I'm about 99% committed to running across Oregon next summer.  I'll run from the California border to the Washington border along hwy 97.  When, in the summer, will depend on Western States.

My last long run is home from work tomorrow.  I've been working half day on Saturdays for the last 6 weeks, so my long runs have been the 18 miles home from work, plus what ever extra miles I need.  Tomorrow I just need the 18, which is nice.

9 days to Richland.  Weather looks good, low of 42, high of 59, with no rain.  I'm feeling pretty good about this! 

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