Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sisters to Sisters

This is the first Sisters to Sisters post.  I'm days away.  All rooms and travel plans that are going to be made, have been made.  My Map is complete ish.  I haven't figured out my exact route from Madras to Sisters exactly.  I may scout that out the day before and make a game time decision.

Last year I ran from the Burnside Bridge in Portland to Sorosis Park in The Dalles.  The full account is here. At this time, I'm thinking I'll attempt Sisters back to Portland next Summer, but who knows.

Sorosis is Latin ish for Sisters, hence the name, admittedly taking some poetic license, Sisters to Sisters!

As it stands right now the 4 days looks like this:

Day 1, Sorosis Park to the Hwy 197 a little past the White River crossing south of Dufur. 35 miles
Day 2, White River to Antelope Hwy crossing, south of Maupin.  35 miles
Day 3, Antelope Hwy crossing to somewhere south of Madras.  30 ish miles
Day 4, Somewhere south of Madras to Sisters. for a total of 131 miles in 4 days.

And the Map looks like this.

I know it's gonna be hot, and the two big hills are big and long.  Last years Portland to the Dalles was CRAZY hot, in the 100's each day.  I can't imagine it will be much hotter.  I may need to get some really early starts, especially since last year I was averaging 19 miles a day and this year will be 33 miles a day, that's over 2 hours more running each day.  Food, drinks, water, extra clothing I think I've got down.  Last year was a test of planning and logistics as much as running.  This year, the running should be the hardest part, which is much better.  Worrying can't help running!

A lot of this is out in the middle of nowhere so this sounds funny to say but, if you're in or around the area and want to run part with me, let me know!


  1. u r outrageous!

  2. two summers ago i rode my bike from tygh valley to the dalles. there are some crazy hills there, super windy, but it is beautiful country. good luck!!

  3. Make it a good one!